Your “Red Team” Cybersecurity Services Provider

In today’s threat environment, passive defensive measures aren’t enough to ensure the security of your critical systems. Our team of expert Red Team engineers can supplement your existing security controls with active measures to identify potential latent threats, mitigate existing vulnerabilities and probe your readiness posture.

Whether you need vulnerability management, pentesting or threat modeling services, our ISO-27001 Certified SOC can tailor a solution to meet your need. We can also work with your end users to improve security awareness, instill best practices and reduce the occurrence of user-driven security events.

Comprehensive Red Team security service delivered by our ISO-27001 certified SOC.

Cutting Edge Cybersecurity Solutions for the Modern Threat Landscape

Managed Security Controls

Multi-layer Security Solutions Expertise. From the perimeter to the network, data and application layers, our certified experts can design, deploy and operate your security infrastructure.

Managed Detection & Response

Our Blue Team experts are leaders in SIEM as a Service & Managed Detection & Response. Security event classification, threat identification and incident response in our 24x7x365 SOC.

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Our in-house Red Team are experts in identifying existing vulnerabilities, mitigating critical risks and putting your cyber controls to the test under real world attack conditions.

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