Partnering with the Public Sector to Meet Complex Technology Challenges

State and Local Governments face increasing pressure to meet taxpayer and other stakeholder expectations. We have decades of experience helping public sector clients meet these challenges and our team of certified engineers understand the unique environment that our SLED clients operate in.

Our State & Local Government clients expect rock-solid stability, cutting-edge performance, and maximum information security, all in line with public-sector budgetary realities. Whether our clients need updated network infrastructure, data center optimization or comprehensive cybersecurity, our team of expert engineers can customize a solution to meet the need.

Key Solutions for SLED & Government Clients

High-Performance Network, Data Center & Cloud Infrastructure Solutions

Cutting-Edge Voice & Collaboration Solutions – Secure Communication Anytime on Any Device

Comprehensive Cybersecurity Solutions for Public Entities

Managed Services for State & Local Government

Looking for a turnkey solution provider? Our Managed Services team can design and implement a custom Managed Service Solution for your individual environment – whether you have distributed networks, centralized data centers or pure cloud infrastructure.

From infrastructure as a service (IaaS) to hosted collaboration and managed security solutions, our public sector customers depend on us to deliver business-critical services with Enterprise-Grade security, stability and availability. Our Global NOC, SOC & Service Desk operations are ISO certified, ITIL-aligned and operated under international best practices.

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