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Threats don’t stop. Neither should your security.

Your crown jewels are vulnerable to attacks.

Only protecting the perimeter and using outdated equipment still leaves your castle gates open to security breaches. Our knights offer solutions based on your network systems and the way your kingdom is configured. Tap into advanced features, amp up the firewall or add identity tracking so that you’re protected from all angles.

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Our Knights of 24/7 Networks carry threat-focused weapons, forged by Cisco

Security is complex, especially in this quickly evolving tech world. Adding layers to your defenses, and tapping into advanced features only available with Cisco tools, our Knights help keep your data locked down with security guards watching ’round-the-clock.

Knights of 24/7 Networks

URL Filtering & Email Security

Real-time threat intelligence, beefed up to protect against spoofing attacks

URL Filtering and Email Security permits or denies access to websites and keeps suspicious attachments outside the kingdom’s perimeters.

Next-Gen Firewall

Security at scale, lower costs and simplified complexity

Grant adaptive powers and layer the first line of defense with intelligence that seeks threats both inside and outside the castle walls.

AnyConnect VPN

Always-on connectivity

With this weapon of mass encryption, champion users can reach networks across far lands and work safely along any Internet pipe. Devices work, files are present and apps run without a glitch.


Reveal undesirable staging and activity at the DNS and IP layers

Moving in hyper speed, Cisco Umbrella analyzes requests into the billions per day, tracking traffic worldwide. All the meanwhile protecting mobile and remote users moving about anywhere with any device.

Identity Services Engine (ISE)

The most comprehensive, single-policy control for the entire kingdom

Knowing the who’s and what’s around the kingdom, Identity Services Engine stops threats inside and outside the kingdom, storing all evidence of foul play should someone attempt to storm your castle.

Anti-Malware Protection

Triple-layered protection

This threat-focused weapon tracks where threats have been, what they did and where they started. AMP comes ready to guard endpoints, analyze the entire network, and monitor the broader threat grid throughout the kingdom.

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