Get the CustomCloud Suited to Fit You

Connect to Your Cloud with 24/7 CustomCloud Services

Don’t get forced into a cloud-shaped box

We understand what’s on the line when putting your business in the cloud. You should have a cloud that suits your business, not something haphazardly patched together. That’s why we offer 24/7 CustomCloud services.

24/7 CustomCloud Services
24/7 CustomCloud Services

Worry-free and designed just for you

Whenever there’s a snag, our CustomCloud engineers are here to catch it, tighten loose ends and keep your network running seamlessly. We stand by your data and make sure you always have access. There’s no cross-traffic pulling down bandwidth, which means we can promise optimum uptime and secure, redundant data.

It’s not just any cloud, it’s your cloud.

24/7 CustomCloud Solutions adapt to the way your business runs, designed to fit now and remain adaptable for future growth. Solutions are fully redundant, isolated and secure, personalized to the characteristics that make your business unique.
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We ensure our plans are all



Secure Cisco voice ecosystem.

Bring redundancy to your critical business tools, managed by the experts. Cloud solution with a custom feel. Bring your own licenses or use ours. Have an existing Cisco voice solution? Seamlessly convert it to CustomCloud and see your productivity rise and costs decrease.

Voice Backup

Are you watching your Cisco voice ecosystem backups?

Has the DRS Master service crashed, leaving your system in a vulnerable state? Take the guesswork out of your Cisco voice backup process by leveraging 24/7 Networks’ managed backup service. Send your backups securely to the cloud – encrypted and secure. If you ever need them, we’re right here to help you when it matters most.

DR SIP Trunks

What happens when your primary phone service goes down?

Other providers charge extra for a contingency plan. Not 24/7 Networks: we provide unlimited bursting, dedicated SIP trunks—with or without a managed CPE—that you can use when disaster strikes, all for a low monthly cost. Need one-time extra trunks for a large conference call or temporary surge in calls? Use it when and where it makes sense.

CustomCloud Connect

Let 24/7 Networks manage the headaches of running your WAN.

Leverage state-of-the-art technology, such as Cisco iWAN, to ensure your network – and business – operate at peak performance. Extend your network seamlessly into the cloud, connecting to providers like Amazon and Azure as an extension of your own network.


Ensure that wired, wireless or VPN users are completely compliant on your network, regardless of location.

Implement the most comprehensive security to ensure that users on your network operate securely, efficiently and seamlessly no matter how they connect. Take the complexity out of what could be a daunting prospect by leveraging the knowledge and expertise of 24/7 Networks.

Ready to put your business in the cloud?

Isolated data ensures performance, security and availability.

Up-to-date software and licenses supports and improves application and platform quality.

Expert integration gives you proactive support and tighter IT control.

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